Pack Edge Development, Inc. was established in 1988.  With a foundation of talented and seasoned packaging professionals, this new enterprise created one of Oregon’s first independent protective packaging consulting firms.  Expanding to meet the demand of the marketplace,  Pack Edge Development added manufacturing capabilities in order to provide a higher degree of quality, customer service and professionalism to its customers.

Pack Edge Development is a local leader in the design and manufacturing of Vacuum Formed Plastics, Fabricated Foam Protective Packaging, Custom Transit Cases, Pallets and Crates as well as in the design and sales of Custom Corrugated Products, Stock Boxes and Packaging Supplies.  Pack Edge is unique in the Oregon area as a custom packaging manufacturer and distributor of packaging supplies with in-house packaging design and testing.

Facing today’s environmental issues, careful attention is given to the materials that are used and how they relate to environmental and international recycling standards.  Our goal is to provide reliable product protection that is user friendly, economical, environmentally sound and sustainable.